FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, 16 DECEMBER, 1949 Friendly Societies Act,1896 Advertisement of Dissolution by Instrument. NOTICE is hereby given that the LITTON CHENEY FRIENDLY SOCIETY Register No.121 Dorset held at The Rectory Schoolroom,•Litton Cheney,Dorchester in the county of Dorset, is dissolved by Instrument, registered at this Office the 12 th  Day of December,1949, unless within three months from the date of the Gazette in which this advertisement appears proceedings be commenced by a Member or other person interested in or having any Claim on the funds of the society to set aside such dissolution, and the same be set aside accordingly. Dated the 12 th  day of December 1949 . B.K.WHITE,Chief Registrar. 17, North Audley Street, London, W1
Rev. Harold Smith
George Hurst
Katherine Hallett
Becky Wright
Bill Kingston
Wyn Smith (wife of Rev. Harold)
Rev. Harold Smith
Hugh Lindsay
Carole Lindsay
Ray (Grizzly) Wright
Roger Gaines ?
1979 Street Fair
1981 Street Fair
1982 Auction
Rosie Hallett
Jackie Brock
Eddie Fry
Janice Hearn
Rev. Harold Smith
Kim Stowe
in the Bride Valley Litton Cheney Dorset
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