Rev. Harold Smith
George Hurst
Katherine Hallett
Becky Wright
Bill Kingston
Wyn Smith (wife of Rev. Harold)
Rev. Harold Smith
Hugh Lindsay
Carole Lindsay
Ray (Grizzly) Wright
Roger Gaines ?
1979 Street Fair
1981 Street Fair
1982 Auction
Rosie Hallett
Jackie Brock
Eddie Fry
Janice Hearn
Rev. Harold Smith
Kim Stowe
A browse through the archives of the local press, Bridport News, Western Gazette and the, now defunct, Dorset Chronicle, reveals some interesting stories about life in Litton Cheney during the last two centuries. Articles on the annual fetes of the Friendly Society, which were published, in glowing terms and at great length for many years, are dealt with separately HERE. Other stories, from 1826 until the present time, have been collated in the following files. 1826-1879 1880-1899 1900-1919 1920-1929 1930-1939 1940-1969 1969-Present
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