A Virtual Annual Meeting of the Litton Cheney Parish Council will be held
on Tuesday 4 May 2021 at 7.30 pm

Please note the date of this meeting has been brought forward by one week in order to comply with Government regulations and advice.  This will be a virtual meeting but the Parish Council hopes to resume face-to-face meetings with a Village Assembly in July.  Virtual meetings are open to members of the public and we hope that you will join us. You can listen to the debate and, if you wish, raise issues or ask questions during ‘Democratic time’. It would help us to administer the meeting if you let us know in advance that you intend to join us, especially if you wish to speak.  Please email or phone 01308 281561.

Details of how to join the meeting are given below.  If you have any questions, please contact Maggie Walsh, Parish Clerk on 01308 281561 no later than 15 minutes before the meeting starts.

The meeting can be accessed online at

Meeting ID: 818 2547 6045

1.    Apologies for absence

2.    Declarations of interest

3.    Election of Chairman

4.    Election of Vice Chairman

5.    Democratic time

6.    Approval of minutes of virtual parish council meeting held on 9 March 2021

7.    Approval of minutes of virtual extraordinary parish council meeting held on 13 April 2021

8.    Matters arising since previous meeting not part of this Agenda

9.    Dorset Council overview Cllr Mark Roberts (Ward Councillor for Chesil Bank)

10. Financial matters including:

·           The Parish Council is asked to note that the inventory has been updated

·           The Parish Council is asked to note and approve Annual Governance and Accountability Returns as listed overleaf. 

·           Year to date finance report (appended)

·           Approval of invoices for payment (appended to this agenda)

·           Approval of Schedule of Regular Payments (see over)

·           The PC is asked to note that the Finance Regulations and Standing Orders were updated in May 2020 and remain up-to-date and in line with national Model publications.


11   Councillors’ Portfolios: Planning (Mr Orchard, Chairman); Highways/Transport (Mr A Price); Playground/ Field/Allotments (Mr A. King); Agricultural Liaison (Mrs A. Spurrier); Footpaths/Rights of Way (Mrs A Spurrier and Mr Q Blacke); Village Fabric/ Maintenance/ DAPTC/BLAP/Administration and Probity (Mr J. Firrell); Climate Change (Mrs D Maston). Including

·      Approval of the following updated policies: Transparency Checklist, Model Publication Scheme and Risk Assessment

12.  Planning matters including update on current applications and recent decisions.

13.  Correspondence not dealt with as part of agenda

14.  Date of next meeting – Village Assembly Tuesday 13 July 2021, followed by Parish Council meeting

15.  Meeting closed

Maggie Walsh, Parish Clerk



*To join the meeting

1)      Click on or go to the link above

2)      Box appears – ‘do you want to allow downloads on Zoom’ – click Allow

3)      Another box – ‘install – Zoom would like to access files in your DOWNLOAD folder’ – Click OK – Do not be alarmed at this as all platforms need to access the download folder to enable the programme to run

4)      A box will appear saying ‘Join Meeting’ - Click to join

5)      If required, enter meeting ID

7)      Click Join and this should take you to the meeting

8)      Please allow 5-10 mins before the start time to ensure that the meeting can begin on time

If you wish to join the meeting via an I-Phone, I-Pad or Android, you will first need to download the Zoom App.  It is possible to join the meeting by telephone for audio only.  To do this dial one of the following numbers and follow the instructions.


+44 203 481 5240 United Kingdom

+44 203 901 7895 United Kingdom

+44 208 080 6591 United Kingdom

+44 208 080 6592 United Kingdom

+44 330 088 5830 United Kingdom

+44 131 460 1196 United Kingdom

+44 203 481 5237 United Kingdom


Meeting ID: 818 2547 6045



2020/21 Annual Governance and Accountability Return

Annual Governance and Accountability Return. The Parish Council is asked to note and approve the following returns

·         Annual Internal Audit Report 2020/21 – to be noted

·         Certificate of exemption for approval

·         Section 1 Annual Governance Statement for approval

·         Section 2 Accounting Statements for approval

The PC is asked to note the period the exercise of public rights will be Monday 14 June – Friday 23 July 2021

2021/22 Finance Report as at 25 April 2021

Parish funds


Balance brought forward as at 1 April


Income to date


Expenditure to date


Parish funds as at above date


Year end forecast

Forecast available income for 2021-22 including VAT


Forecast expenditure for  2021-22 including VAT


Annual contribution to name reserves


Forecast year end surplus (+) or deficit (-)


Approved spend since last meeting

Employee costs - 11 Mar


Reimburse Clerk for Zoom fee


Lengthsman invoice for removal of tree




Income since last meeting



Allotment fees (due Mar 2021)




Invoices for approval

BHIB insurance (3rd year of 3 year agreement)


Reimburse Clerk for Zoom fee April & May


Clerk's expenses





Schedule of regular payments due during 2020-21

The Parish Council is asked to note and approve payment of the following:

Salary – paid in accordance with NALC salary scales by standing order on 11th of every alternate month

GDPR registration fee £35 paid by direct debit (thus saving £5)


Invoices and schedule of payments approved at Parish Council meeting of 4 May 2021


Chairman _____________________________