At the Annual Parish Assembly, held in May 2015, Trevor Warwick of West Dorset District Council gave a presentation on the requirements for producing a neighbourhood plan. A Power Point version can be read HERE
A neighbourhood plan for Litton Cheney must be based on the policies contained within the West Dorset and Weymouth & Portland Local Plan. A presentation outlining its content was published in February 2016 and can be read HERE The full document can be read HERE A revised document outlining the initial Issues and options to be considered during a review of the Local Plan was published in February 2017 and can be read HERE
At the Steering Group meeting held on the 25th October 2016 it was agreed that the topics contained in the, now approved,  Neighbourhood Plan produced for Loders Parish would form a basis for those in the Litton Cheney Plan. A Power Point version can be read HERE The full document can be read HERE
The Department for Communities & Local Government details the processes for the production and subsequent formal adoption of a Neighbourhood Plan HERE
Loders Neighbourhood Plan Requirements for a Neighbourhood Plan
Members of Steering Group as at 1st November 2016: Richard Jones (Chairman) Elizabeth Kingston (Deputy Chairman), John Firrell (Secretary) Robin Barbour Kathryn Brooks Hannah Bunting Nick Bunting Sally Dyke David Hearn Gill Newell Steve Kourik Nicola Miller Jamie Miller Freddie Spicer
The Terms of Reference for the Litton Cheney Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group can be read  HERE
WDDC Local Plan
Neighbourhood Plan update A leaflet has been delivered to all Litton residents explaining the pros and cons of developing a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish.  Voting slips were included to allow them to express their opinion. The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group held two drop-in sessions at LATCH on Saturday 8 th  and Sunday 9 th  April from 10.00 to 12.00, when members of the Group were available to answer questions. You are asked to cast your vote by 30 th  April and drop it in to one of several listed points in the village.  The result will be announced at the Village Assembly on 9 th  May.
6.2.2017 Meeting Steering Group Terms of Reference News WDDC Local Plan Review
Meeting Notes of the Litton Cheney Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group held on Monday 6 th  February at LATCH Present: Richard Jones (Chairman), Elizabeth Kingston (Deputy Chairman), John Firrell (Secretary), Robin Barbour, Kathryn Brooks, Hannah Bunting, Nick Bunting, Sally Dyke, David Hearn, Steve Kourik, Nicola Miller, Gill Newell and Freddie Spicer. 1.    The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed a full house who had turned out on a particularly foul night. 2.    Apologies: None. 3.    Acceptance of the Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising that are not part of this meeting's agenda: Steve Kourik had between meetings trawled through references to other communities in Dorset and East Devon who had embarked on neighbourhood plans. Most were concerned with ensuring only small developments took place and in the local style of architecture. Examples had been conveyed to the steering group by email. Sally Dyke mentioned that Askerswell were hoping to use their NP to enable a small number of new houses (possibly single) to be built on a few sites. These houses would be private (not affordable/social).  4.    Draft Village Survey: This was the main event for this meeting and revolved around a draft survey that had been created by the survey working group and sent out to other members of the steering group. All had been asked to look at the draft survey from the point of view of a local resident who up to that point of reading knew very little or nothing about neighbourhood plans. It is fair to say an avid discussion ensued, concerned mainly as to the tone, clarity, the need for impartiality and inclusion. Because it was something that could be developed outside of the Local Plan it was felt there was a need to explain the definitive meaning of “affordable housing”. Robin Barbour produced a definition from a copy of the Revised Local Plan recently produced by WDDC, and while it was somewhat wordy attempting to cover a number of scenarios it predominantly concerned social housing in its various forms. Various members of the steering group gave their opinion as to their understanding of the draft survey, most believing it to be understandable, particularly when one took into account the fact there would be drop-in events and other information made available in the lead up to residents being sked to choose their option – to pursue a neighbourhood plan or not. 5.   What Next?  It was agreed a second draft survey would be produced in the coming days and another meeting would be called shortly to further discuss the survey. 6.   Date of Next Meeting: Monday 20 th  February, 7.30 pm at LATCH. 7.   There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting. John Firrell – Secretary (LCNPSG)
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