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The link below is to a 1951 BBC film, presented by Richard Dimbleby, featuring Bridport, West Bay, Abbotsbury and Burton Bradstock.  The opening sequence gives a brief view of Malters Cottages and Litton Cheney is also mentioned during the film.  However, overall it provides a fascinating glimpse of life in the Bridport area during the 1950’s.
The deadline for copy for any month’s issue is mid-day of the second Thursday of the preceding month. All material for publication must be sent to the Village Correspondent.  For Litton Cheney this is: John Yates, 2, Sunnyside Cottage. Tel: 01308482392  email: 
If you happen to come across a large HGV attempting to transit the village, perhaps on its way to the Cheese Factory at Ashley Chase, please obtain whatever details you can (registration, company name & photo) and forward them to John Firrell (Parish Clerk) 482313. We are keeping a record of incidents in conjunction with Ashley Chase Estates, Long Bredy PC and Dorset Highways in an effort to better manage HGV movements at this end of the Bride Valley. Many thanks.
A magnificent initiative started by the regulars of The White Horse has now manifested itself in the shape of the village defibrillator located opposite the bus shelter. Our thanks also to Mr Chris Legge whose nearby property provides the electrics required to heat the cabinet.  The defibrillator has been registered with South Western Ambulance Service and is now fully active. Most importantly, if you have cause to phone 999 for the Ambulance Service, they will know the village has a defibrillator and if the circumstances are appropriate they will give you the access code and tell you to fetch it. The defibrillator (yes really!) will then talk you through what to do while you wait for the ambulance but what you will have done is provided that most crucial element whenever life is threatened by a medical emergency – FIRST AID. A series of Videos showing how the defibrillator operates and when it should be used can be viewed by selecting one of the headings below.  They will also be shown at film nights in the Community Hall, the Village Assembly and other village events.
Note: The defibrillator deals with cardiac arrest, i.e. when the heart stops, and will only operate in those circumstances. Your call to 999 will be your key to its use. You will not be expected to make that decision. Lastly – it is hoped you never have reason to use it. More questions? Call John Firrell (Parish Clerk) - 482313
Litton Cheney – Bridport 210 Bus Service At the end of July this year Dorset County Council will end its subsidy of the 210 bus service that serves Litton Cheney and other villages in the Bride Valley. This does not necessarily mean the bus service will discontinue, but it may be run along different lines and possibly at different times. The Parish Council together with other Bride Valley councils is exploring a number of alternatives and we will endeavour to keep you informed of developments.
Litton Cheney Playground Project
The project is to revitalise the playing field and children's play area. It is to be financed with money made available from the Parish Council, fund raising events such as the recent Variety Show, plus successful applications for funding and grants. The children's play area is to be fenced and the existing play equipment will be refurbished or replaced. The amount of development will depend on the funds available. It will be an ongoing project so equipment will be added to whenever possible. Quotations have been sought for the fencing and play equipment. The basketball court will be cleaned and the lines repainted. Due to the efforts of James Williams, we already have two new five-a-side goalposts which are being well used. The old rusting posts are to be removed.It is proposed that the grass to the whole area will be cut and maintained more frequently to give a good playing surface throughout. To reduce costs wherever possible certain refurbishment will be completed by volunteers. Andrew King would like to hear from anybody who could spare some time to help, / 01308 482594. Our grateful thanks to Tricia & Nigel Gates and their team of helpers for putting on a fantastic Charity Variety Show in February and raising an incredible sum of money benefitting three charities,The Playground Project being one of them.
Dorset Litton Cheney in the Bride Valley
Erection of Mobile Phone Mast
Application No: WD/D/17/001297 Proposal: 12.5m Jupiter streetworks pole and associated integral antennas, cabinets and ancillary development.  Location: COOMBEFIELD FARM, CHALK PIT LANE, LITTON CHENEY, DORCHESTER, DT2 9AN Easting: 354175.360 Northing: 90642.990 The Council has received an application for Prior Approval under Class A of Part 16 of Schedule 2 of The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 to carry out the development described above. This is not a planning application. The development is automatically granted planning permission by the above Order unless the local planning authority determines that Prior Approval is required, or the development falls outside the scope of the Order. Note: This is the notification regarding the erection of a mobile (radio) phone mast which should considerably improve mobile phone reception in the area. At the recent Village Assembly, local residents were informed of this initiative by the Chairman of the Parish Council, Bill Orchard. The Parish Council strongly supports the need for adequate mobile phone coverage, a facility that is long overdue in Litton Cheney and the surrounding area, and given that safe modern day working practices in a rural environment demand that efficient and effective communication systems be available expeditiously.
Bride Valley Scouts Litter Pick
Our grateful thanks to the Bride Valley Scouts who carried out a litter pick in Litton Cheney and removed a considerable amount of debris from the various verges in and around the village. They will carry out a second litter pick later in the year.
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NHS Consultation Result
The result of the recent CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) - NHS consultation can be found by clicking on this link. Whilst no decisions have been taken yet as a result of the survey/consultation, it may give an indication of what might happen in due course. 
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