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Dorset Litton Cheney in the Bride Valley
Informal Walking Group
Walking is known to be a good form of exercise and, when walking with others, is great for forming and developing friendships. A few of us who walk regularly thought it might be a good idea to set up an informal walking group. The way it would work is for those interested to include their email address in a closed email group then, when any member is intending to have a walk, they send a message to others in the group with the date, time and start location together with such information as estimated distance, duration and, where appropriate, a suggested lunch stop. Walks could start within the Bride Valley or beyond so there may be times when a car-share would be necessary. I would envisage that walks would be between four and eight miles in length. If you are interested in joining this group please contact me on and I will create an email group which will be circulated to other interested people. Any suggestions about this idea would be gratefully received. Steve Kourik
Playground Project
Following on from the supply of the new smaller goalposts earlier this year, repairs and improvements have started on the existing equipment. The two swing seats and chains have been replaced and the frame repainted. There is now a new basketball net and for the first time in many years, with the help of volunteers, the basketball hard standing has been trimmed and swept. The wooden ‘castle’ climbing frame is the next task which will include replacement timber, new rope, climbing footholds and repainting. There may be a couple of weeks where this will be out of commission while the work is undertaken. By the time you read this, it will have been announced that the application for funds from the Big Lottery Fund has been accepted. This, along with individual donations and money gained from events held in the village, goes a long way towards reaching the required total of £13,375.24, which is the cost of the new and refurbished equipment. It is intended to start the actual development in November and further updates will be announced in future editions of the Bride Valley News. May I add that any further donations towards the Playground Project would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact myself (01308 482594), or any member of the parish council if you wish to contribute. Many thanks. Andrew King
The defibrillator, provided as the result of a magnificent initiative started by the regulars of the White Horse, is located opposite the bus shelter.  Our thanks also to Mr Chris Legge whose nearby property provides the electrics required to heat the cabinet. Most importantly, if you have cause to phone 999 for the Ambulance Service, they will know the village has a defibrillator and if the circumstances are appropriate they will give you the access code and tell you to fetch it. The defibrillator (yes really!) will then talk you through what to do while you wait for the ambulance but what you will have done is provided that most crucial element whenever life is threatened by a medical emergency – FIRST AID. A series of Videos showing how the defibrillator operates and when it should be used can be viewed by selecting one of the headings below.  They will also be shown at film nights in the Community Hall, the Village Assembly and other village events.
Note: The defibrillator deals with cardiac arrest, i.e. when the heart stops, and will only operate in those circumstances. Your call to 999 will be your key to its use. You will not be expected to make that decision. Lastly – it is hoped you never have reason to use it. More questions? Call John Firrell - 482313
Great Wine Auction
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