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The deadline for copy for any month’s issue is mid-day of the second Thursday of the preceding month. All material for publication must be sent to the Village Correspondent.  For Litton Cheney this is: John Yates, 2, Sunnyside Cottage. Tel: 01308482392  email: 
Dorset Litton Cheney in the Bride Valley
Litton Cheney Allotments
Would you like some more space to grow? A quiet place to come to that is near your home and yet feels a world away? If you would like to have a go at growing your own, then an allotment could be perfect for you. The effort you put in would be rewarded by: eating fresh and organic food that you've grown yourself; the pleasure of seeing your fruit and vegetables grow; improved physical health from regular exercise, as part of a healthy lifestyle; make new friends and become a seasoned allotmenteer. As at 15th April, there are three plots available at the Litton Cheney Allotments. The allotments consist of 12 plots situated next to the playing field in the village. For further information and to satisfy your interest, please contact Andrew King (01308 482594 / or Madeleine Hickling (01308 482164  /
With many tasks now being devolved down to town and parish councils by unitary authorities, it has become the local community's responsibility to carry out these tasks when necessary either by the use of council services, contractors or volunteer labour. From a financial standpoint volunteer labour has the most positive impact on parish/village finances. We already have a modest band of volunteers, affectionately known (by some) as “The Premier Crew”, who have carried out several tasks within the village during 2017 resulting in financial savings. If you would like to join the crew we would be delighted to have you on-board. Please give John Firrell a call on 482313 or email if you are of a mind to give it a go. Many thanks.
Your Village Needs You
Mobile Phone Signal
It is anticipated that the newly installed mobile phone mast on Chalkpit Lane will be operational by the end of April.
Parish Council Election
Road Closures
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AGM Fest
AGM Fest – Thursday 17 th  May – LATCH, LCSC & LCWG It's the usual story – you wait an age for one to come along and then three come along all at once! Such is the case with the AGM's of Litton and Thorner's Community Hall (LATCH), Litton Cheney Social Committee (LCSC) and the Litton Cheney Web Group (LCWG). At least you can get them all over and dusted in one go. If you can bear to be patient, the event takes place from 7.30 pm on Thursday 17 th  May. Hope to see you there.
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