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Dorset Litton Cheney in the Bride Valley
This is your periodic reminder that we are on the lookout for worthy people to stand for election at the Parish Council Elections next May. It may sound some way off, but we are asking you to start giving it serious consideration now. What does it take to be a parish councillor? A willingness and hope that you can make a difference, a little of your precious time, and an ability to listen and communicate with fellow local residents. Changes as to the way smaller councils operate knowing that the county and district councils will disappear next year are in the pipeline and there is every reason to suggest that greater responsibilities will rest with smaller councils in the years to come and you can play your part. Please give it serious thought and if you are interested please contact Clerk, Maggie Walsh (01308 281561) who can provide you with more information.
Serving your Community as a Parish Councillor
Road Closures
Water supply improvement work in Chalk Pit Lane, Litton Cheney We’re replacing water mains in your area that are prone to bursting to ensure you have improved water quality and a more reliable supply.  This will involve installing new water mains from Tithe Barn House to Court Close in Chalk Pit Lane and abandoning a redundant main at the junction of Chalk Pit Lane and Main Street, Litton Cheney.  The mains will be installed with new plastic pipes using a technique where we make small excavations to minimise inconvenience. Work has started, but due to operational constraints we have not been able to progress with the work as initially planned. We are now planning to complete the work by Friday 17 August 2018 The work will be carried out in two phases:  Monday 14 May 2018 to Monday 23 July 2018 Tithe Barn House, Chalk Pit Lane to the junction of Chalk Pit Lane and Main Street - road closed.  Tuesday 24 July 2018 to Friday 17 August 2018 Junction   of   Chalk   Pit   Lane   and   Main   Street   to   Court   Close,   Chalk   Pit   Lane   i.e.   Redway   as   it   is   known   within   the village – road closed. A diversion route will be in place, but we’ll be maintaining access for residents and businesses. There will be some noise disruption and there will be times when your water supply will be interrupted, but we will give you 48 hours’ notice of when this will be. What should you do? You don’t need to do anything. You can continue to use your water supply as normal unless we tell you otherwise. Anything else you need to know? If you have any questions please call our customer services team on 0345 600 4 600 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, emergencies at other times). Alternatively, there’s plenty of advice online including frequently asked questions and help from our web chat team. Visit We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by our work. Alan Marler Wessex Water
Phase 2
Precise details of the work to be carried out can be read HERE
Mobile Phone News
Although O2 subscribers are able to receive a strong signal from the phone mast, Vodafone have yet to commission work that will enable their subscribers to receive the benefits of the mast. Robust efforts are being applied to convince Vodafone to carry out the work. If you are a Vodafone subscriber, give them a push.
Housing Needs Survey
Notice to Dog Owners
Following the delivery of a housing needs survey form to every household in the parish that is on  the electoral register,  124 anonymous  completed surveys were received back .  A shortened  summary of the results  are given below. (Some responses had ticked more than one box  – all answers have been included) What type of home does your household live in?     Bungalow   4   Detached house   41   Flat   4   Other   2   Semi detached   45   Terrace   21   Grand Total   117   Does your household own or rent this home?     Own   88   Rent from Council or Housing Association   2   Rents from employer or household member   3   Rents privately   22   Tied with agricultural employment   2   Grand Total   117   How  much rent could the household afford?     B   £51 to £70   3   C   £71 to £90   2   D   £91 to £120   11   E   £121 to £150   16   E,F   £121 to £150/More than £150   1   F   More than £150   10   Grand Total   43   How much could the household afford if buying?     A   Up to £40,000   1   D   £80,001 to £100,000   3   E   £100,001 to £120,000   2   F   £120,001 to £140,000   7   G   £140,001 to £160,000   11   H   £160,001 to £180,000   6   I   More than £180,000   8   Grand Total   38   If you have a housing need w hich is your preferred option?      (Please see key below  chart for definitions) A   15   A    1   A, B,   1   A, B,    1   A, B, C   1   A,B   6   A,B,C,D   1   A,D   1   A,E   1   B   10   B,C   1   B,C    1   B,C,A   1   B,C,D   2   B,D   1   C   3   C & D   1   Grand Total   48   A Buy on the open market B Buy as part of a low cost home ownership scheme (for  example shared ownership) C Rent from the private sector D Rent from a Housing Association E Other (please specify) Do you support the provision of an appropriate sized development of  affordable housing for local people in Litton Cheney?   Maybe   25   No   20   Yes   7 3   Grand Total   118   The Rural Housing Enabling Team concluded from these results that there is a housing need in  Litton Cheney and that the highest demand for affordable housing w ill be for low cost home  ownership.
BVN Editorial Team
Please could you help with recruiting people to join a team editing the Bride Valley News. As you'll know the BVN is not only a good way to keep up to date with what is going on, and a very useful directory of local tradespeople and services, but also a great way for the Churches, Parish Councils, and other organisations to disseminate information throughout the Valley.   After 5 years in the job as Editor I feel it is time to move on, and indicated last August that I planned to stand down around the middle of this year. After advertising and word of mouth contacts, three people have come forward who would be well- suited but having looked at the role they are not prepared to take it on unless there are more on the team, so that the work can be shared around. For example one member might sub edit each month to get the material into a standard format, which another two then desk top publishing the content, with the latter two alternating with another editing pair month by month. So we need to find at least two more members to ensure we have a practical solution, and so far we have not been able to find any more volunteers. Sadly without further members for the BVN Editorial Team, it is highly likely that the Bride Valley News will cease to exist, which would be a tremendous loss of a useful resource. Could I therefore ask you to rack your brains to see if you can think of anyone who might be interested in joining the Editorial Team? Could you direct anyone interested to contact either Andrew Bailey (, or myself? Many thanks Will Newell BVN Editor
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Yes, that old chestnut again!  Responsible Dog Owners look away now if you must. It is probably the one thing you look for when traipsing through the footpaths and fields that exist in and around our delightful village. In the recent hot weather you could probably smell it even before you saw it. Despite the many competing country smells, it rises above all others. It may not emanate from us humans, but it is we who are responsible. Ladies and Gentlemen of Litton Cheney, I give you, dog poo. Liberally available, placed at random and apt to give rise to an expletive when you step in it! Our plea to dog owners is, as ever, pick up after your dog and do not let it run loose when livestock is present, and if you are in an area where the dog can be let off the leash, keep your eye on the dog and pick up if necessary. Muttering, “It's bio-degradable innit” won't wash, and you could be responsible for livestock having to be put down because they have picked up an infection from your dog's poo. Heard it all before? Of course you have, but it appears there are still irresponsible dog owners out there who just don't care. Time to name and shame? Perhaps it is, or perhaps better still, insist they pick it up if you know it's their dog that is responsible otherwise they will be reported and possibly fined. HOPEFULLY, ONE LAST TIME – PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG! LOOSE DOGS AROUND THE VILLAGE (FARM DOGS INCLUDED) – NO, NON, NIET, NOT ON YOUR NELLY! On a more pleasant and hopefully less smelly note – Responsible Dog Owners As previously mentioned, you can take your dog down to the village playing field provided it is kept on a short leash and not allowed in the children's play area. This is to facilitate allotment holders and families using the playing field/playground. It is for a trial period of six months after which the situation will be evaluated. It goes without question that if your dog deposits poo whilst with you, you will of course pick up. You are reminded that Dorset Waste Partnership will take away bagged dog poo as part of your rubbish collection.