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The deadline for copy for any month’s issue is mid-day of the second Thursday of the preceding month. All material for publication must be sent to the Village Correspondent. For Litton Cheney this is:John Firrell, Tel: 01308 482313 email:
Mobile Phone News
It is reported that strong mobile phone signals for both O2 and Vodaphone are now available within the village.
Notice to Dog Owners
Yes, that old chestnut again! Responsible Dog Owners look away now if you must. It is probably the one thing you look for when traipsing through the footpaths and fields that exist in and around our delightful village. In the recent hot weather you could probably smell it even before you saw it. Despite the many competing country smells, it rises above all others. It may not emanate from us humans, but it is we who are responsible. Ladies and Gentlemen of Litton Cheney, I give you, dog poo. Liberally available, placed at random and apt to give rise to an expletive when you step in it! Our plea to dog owners is, as ever, pick up after your dog and do not let it run loose when livestock is present, and if you are in an area where the dog can be let off the leash, keep your eye on the dog and pick up if necessary. Muttering, “It's bio-degradable innit” won't wash, and you could be responsible for livestock having to be put down because they have picked up an infection from your dog's poo. Heard it all before? Of course you have, but it appears there are still irresponsible dog owners out there who just don't care. Time to name and shame? Perhaps it is, or perhaps better still, insist they pick it up if you know it's their dog that is responsible otherwise they will be reported and possibly fined. HOPEFULLY, ONE LAST TIME – PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG! LOOSE DOGS AROUND THE VILLAGE (FARM DOGS INCLUDED) – NO, NON, NIET, NOT ON YOUR NELLY! On a more pleasant and hopefully less smelly note – Responsible Dog Owners As previously mentioned, you can take your dog down to the village playing field provided it is kept on a short leash and not allowed in the children's play area. This is to facilitate allotment holders and families using the playing field/playground. It is for a trial period of six months after which the situation will be evaluated. It goes without question that if your dog deposits poo whilst with you, you will of course pick up. You are reminded that Dorset Waste Partnership will take away bagged dog poo as part of your rubbish collection.
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Litton’s ‘Premier Crew’
Bride Valley News Delivery
You are reading this courtesy of volunteers who deliver the magazines throughout the village. A big thank you to them and especially to Bella Spurrier who receives the 230 copies each month from the printers and sorts them into six packages for delivery. For many years Alison and Archie Dunbar and John, Tess and Kieran Mulhall have been a valuable part of the delivery team and have now retired – we offer them very many thanks for their service. If you would like to join the delivery team please contact Freddie Spicer (482617).
Parish Council News & Information February 2019
Regeneration Over the coming months we will putting together ideas for regenerating and revitalising the area around the bus shelter and Triangle culminating in a presentation to local residents at May’s Village Assembly. Ultimately we hope to convert an agreed scheme into reality by the autumn. More details in due course. Litton’s Comings and Goings It has been suggested that we resurrect the eminently worthy practice of noting the arrivals of newcomers into the village and wishing adieu to those leaving. For this to work efficiently, leaving no coming or going unmentioned, it requires the information to be conveyed to your village correspondent so please use the contact details noted above to inform me of the relevant information in good time. Many thanks.
First Aid/Defibrillator Training
Litton Cheney Social Committee are organising an evening course on First Aid and Use of a Defibrillator on Thursday 21 st February, 7.00 pm at LATCH. There are a few places left, so if you are interested please ring Bev Robbins on 482497 to book yourself in. If enough people are interested we will run another evening at a later date.
If on occasion you come across a band of local residents cleaning and tidying up areas of the village that have become somewhat unkempt then you have met the Premier Crew, a group of volunteers of both genders who lend themselves to smartening up our village when required. Huge grateful thanks for all their past, present and future efforts. Many thanks also to the unknown lady who was seen with a bulging black bag of litter that she had removed from Whiteway. The Premier Crew have no objections if local residents on discovering an area/item that requires attention deprive the “crew” of a few hours work by completing the task themselves. The ever growing Premier Crew are, in no particular order:- John Bloom, Jillie & Neil Blincow, Ron Davidson, Freddie Spicer, Andy King, Hugh Lantos, Graham & Madeleine Hickling, Andy & Ruth Price, Bill Orchard, Harry Berry, Pete & Beverly Dennis, Steve Kourik and John Firrell. This is not an exclusive club either by age or numbers so if you would like to join us please contact John Firrell whose contact details are shown at the beginning of the Litton Cheney section of the BVN.
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