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All notices placed on the village notice boards must comply with the following:- No larger than A5 No commercial “For Sale” notices advertising goods or services One poster should suffice for a number of events, e.g. Social Committee list of annual dates and events. Only local events in and around the Bride Valley Respect other relevant in-date notices on display Pin tidily – do not use staples. Notices not conforming with the above will be removed Whilst the above rules may appear somewhat rigid, it is done to avoid overcrowding and enable organisers of as many events as possible to display all their key information clearly.
At every Village Cafe (held on the third Saturday of each month), at least one of your parish councillors will be present to listen to any concerns you have, and indicate what course of action can be taken on legitimate concerns. In addition to a parish councillor, the parish clerk, John Firrell, will invariably be in attendance.
Potholes, poor drainage, flooding, dangerous trees, overgrown vegetation, damaged signs – you name it, we probably have it somewhere in the village. If you come across such problems, don't wait for someone else to report it – contact the relevant local authority department at Dorset for You:
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Worming & Microchipping Dogs
It seems that rarely a month goes by without the need to talk about dogs. This month there is the sad tale of two cows, Vanity & Bramble. If they had been human Vanity would be quite old, and Bramble would be the wrong side of middle age. Unfortunately Vanity and Bramble are no longer with us, having had to be recently culled from the herd.  Both of these cows lost their calves in late pregnancy and have been culled because someone walking on the public footpath through their field couldn’t be bothered to pick up their dog poo. In spite of informative signs at both ends of the footpath spelling out the details of what neospora is (a parasite), where it’s found (dog poo), what it does (causes abortion), and how to prevent it (pick up dog poo) some delightful souls have chosen to let their dogs have a free rein through the field. Story almost verbatim from a local farmer. This month's message – Regularly worm your dog, keep it on a leash where there is livestock and ensure it is microchipped (required by law) - please.
As we edge towards darker evenings the temptation to put “the bins out” early must surely come to mind. Please resist the temptation until at least late afternoon on the day before collection. There have been several instances of late when bins have been left out days in advance cluttering up the village. Very often these early bins emanate from holiday lets and rental properties. Owners of these businesses are reminded that this recycling and rubbish must be removed by a commercial waste contractor. Failure to do so may leave the business owner liable to prosecution by the local authority if they are found to be using the domestic waste collection.
Recycling & Rubbish Bins – Jumping the Gun
Planning applications currently being considered by WDDC will be notated here. For details of planning applications past and present relating to Litton Cheney use the following link:  If you wish to make a comment on a pending planning application you can also use this facility to make your online comment directly to WDDC.
Application ref: WD/D/17/002756 Proposal: BLAND KNOWN AS DONKEY PLOT, CHALK PIT LANE, LITTON CHENEY - Erect warehouse (variation of condition 2 of planning permission ref: WD/D/17/000478 - amended plans) (Variation of condition) Closing date for comments: 25 January.r 2018
Planning Notices
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