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in the Bride Valley
Planning applications currently being considered by WDDC will be notated here. For details of planning applications past and present relating to Litton Cheney use the following link:  If you wish to make a comment on a pending planning application you can also use this facility to make your online comment directly to WDDC
Application Ref: WD/D/17/000758 & 759 Proposal: Charity Farm - Erection of 6 no. dwellings and conversion of redundant agricultural building to a dwelling. UPDATE 7th August 2017: The West Dorset District Council Planning Committee will meet on 17th August 2017 to decide whether this application should be allowed.  A comprehensive report has been produced by the Planning Department which recommends refusal -  however this advice can be overuled by the Committee. The full report, in pdf format, can be read HERE
Application ref: WD/D/17/001626 Proposal: 1 Rose Cottage, Main Street, DT2 9AR - replacement porch, alterations to existing outbuilding and erect shed and workshop Update: closing date for comments 8 September 2017
Application ref: WD/D/17/001606 Proposal: Water Treatment Works, Whiteway - new kiosk to house water treatment equipment Update: closing date for comments 8 September
Application ref: WD/D/17/001608 Proposal: White Cross Cottage, Main Street, DT2 9AT - change existing 3 residential units to 4 Update: closing date for comments 8 September 20187