The committee has been in existence in its present form since 2001 with the objective of both organising and supporting social activities for the inhabitants of the Village . Currently these include the well  established Village Walks, Easter Day Duck Race, Summer BBQ, Barn Dance, and Carol Singing. Support is given to the Children’s Christmas Party, fund raising for Children in Need and Julia’s House, and donations made to local groups to help start their activities.  New ideas and suggestions are always welcome, as is help at any of the above events. Please email
Ron Davidson, Chairman, Tel. 01308 482661 Bev Robbins, Secretary, Tel 01308 482497  Lesley Salvetti, Treasurer Elizabeth Kingston Helen Jones
The Committee members are:
LITTON CHENEY SOCIAL COMMITTEE PRESENTS GUESS WHAT??? IT'S DUCK RACE TIME! SUNDAY APRIL 16TH 12.00 NOON Once again it's time to get out and join the merry throng urging those little yellow (fluffy) monsters down the babbling brook to THE WHITE HORSE.Will any escape this year? Will anyone fall into the stream? Who will win the fantastic cash prizes.?If you want to take part in the excitement, you need to be there in time to buy your tickets. IT’S LIVE….NO COMMERCIAL BREAKS….DON’T MISS IT!  Ron Davidson:  01308482661   Email:
Dorset Litton Cheney in the Bride Valley