The committee has been in existence in its present form since 2001 with the objective of both organising and supporting social activities for the inhabitants of the Village . Currently these include the well  established Village Walks, Easter Day Duck Race, Summer BBQ, Barn Dance, and Carol Singing. Support is given to the Children’s Christmas Party, fund raising for Children in Need and Julia’s House, and donations made to local groups to help start their activities.  New ideas and suggestions are always welcome, as is help at any of the above events. Please email
Ron Davidson, Chairman, Tel. 01308 482661 Bev Robbins, Secretary, Tel 01308 482497  Lesley Salvetti, Treasurer Elizabeth Kingston Helen Jones
The Committee members are:
The Duck Race The stream had been well cleared by a willing band of helpers, many thanks to all, and it was running fast for the GRAND DUCK HANDICAP on Easter Sunday. The handicap being the “whirlpools“ which tend to confuse the little yellow perils and they go round in circles before escaping downstream. Main Street was crowded as the starting time approached, with virtually all the ducks having been selected by discerning spectators, and then it was the OFF! A blur of yellow headed downstream, except for those caught in the afore-mentioned whirlpool who were helped on their way with a gentle touch from a garden rake. Waiting at The White Horse finishing post with pints, burgers, open arms, baskets etc. were Tess and John carefully checking that they were OK and, more importantly, lifting out the first three to finish the course. A little while later, about half a pint actually, the last official duck gallantly finished and the Duck Grand Marshall officially pronounced that the 2017 race was now completed. A solitary duck did come out of hiding a while later and was careful reunited with its friends. So, who won? First duck home – Nicki K, second, Chris Breneton and third duck, Peter Whight, and just to prove it's not all about winners, the prize for last duck home went to Sally Dyke. Congratulations one and all! Many thanks to all who came along and supported the race, to all those who helped , and to the Bridport Rotary Club for the continued use of their ducks….couldn’t do it without them!! Ron Davidson LCSC 482661 Village Supper  The Village Supper Is on Saturday, July 1st, and being organised by Tess Mulhall and friends. Please make a definite note on your calendar to come along, have a great evening with supper and live music, supporting those who have picked up the baton to provide a thoroughly enjoyable village occasion. More details in July's BVN and on the village website.
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