A spring-line settlement along the northern margin of the Bride Valley, at the foot of the chalk scarp, about 145m (500ft) below the A35 main trunk road in south west Dorset, England. The village lies within an area of outstanding natural beauty some 14.5km (9 miles) west of Dorchester, 10km (six miles) east of Bridport and 5km (3 miles) from the sea at West Bexington. At the 2011 census the village comprised 195 dwellings housing a population of 359. At the 2021 census the population was 355.
Welcome to the Village of Litton Cheney
a village in the Bride Valley Litton Cheney Dorset
Photo by Claire Moore 3_7_2021
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Full Fibre – Superfast Broadband We recently informed you that Openreach planned to make full fibre available to Litton Cheney and the Long Bredy area in early Spring, with the suggestion that April might be that starting point. Openreach have now informed us that whilst they remain hopeful of meeting their provisional promise, in order to do so it is contingent on the smooth installation of the fibre cables. This involves a considerable amount of pole work and, in some cases, replacement of old poles. In places where poles cannot be used for whatever reason, it may be necessary to dig up the road necessitating long delays and disruption. We would therefore ask that everyone in our collective communities do everything they can to facilitate the work of Openreach as they work their way around the villages installing full fibre. Please bear in mind that although you might be able to exist without full fibre, there are many others in our community who have extremely bad connectivity. Full fibre will bring them much relief, and for the rest of us it will not only bring us superfast broadband but also a system that is future proofed and can be far more easily maintained.
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