Superfast broadband is available in Litton Cheney now. Find out more HERE
ULTRAFAST BROADBAND for Litton Cheney, Long Bredy & Kingston Russell First we would like to thank people for supporting us in our efforts to secure this installation as soon as possible (especially those that have pretty good speeds already – those less fortunate will really benefit from an improvement). So, let’s go for a touch of brevity in this month’s situation report. A new round of funding began in April, and our preferred provider, Openreach, are waiting for confirmation the funds are available from central government. We have an offer from Openreach and we are waiting for them to tell us when they require more information from us with regards to people who wish to take up the ultrafast fibre offer, and then those who have expressed an interest will be contacted by the Bride Valley Fibre Group. Who are they? The Bride Valley Fibre Group is made up of members of Long Bredy & Kingston Russell Parish Council, Litton Cheney Parish Council and two local residents (Angus Handoll and Sally Dyke) who have already carried out an enormous amount of preparatory work on this project so that we are already well down the line once we get the green light. We already have the support of our MP, Chris Loder, and we are actively involved with Dorset Council’s Digital and Change Department. Regular discussions are ongoing, organised by Dorset Association of Parish and Town Councils. At the moment we are treading water waiting for government and Openreach to spring into action. We are told that action is imminent, but we are already well down the road in a process that would normally take between 2 to 3 years. What can you do? If you have already indicated an interest in taking fibre broadband into your home, keep the faith and sit tight for the moment. If you have yet to declare an interest – it might be prudent to say at this point that the intent of this scheme is for it to be fully funded by the government and local council, but for it to be given the final go-ahead local residents need to get behind it, i.e. declare an interest. Even if your internet speed is adequate, you are still entitled to a voucher, the value of which will go towards the final cost of the installation. Others with poor speeds will be forever grateful – thank you. Enough! For more information and your expression of interest and support, contact We want to hear from you. Village websites and FB pages will shortly contain updates as and when they happen.
Broadband is a way of connecting to the internet. It allows information to be carried at high speed to your personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, smart TV or other web-enabled device. The two most common types of fixed-line broadband in the UK are ADSL and fibre. ADSL ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and is delivered through the copper wires of your phone line giving speeds up to 24 megabits per second (Mbps) depending on how far you live from your telephone exchange. This has largely been superseded within the Bride Valley area by fibre broadband. FIBRE Fibre broadband is delivered via clusters of fibre optic cables (each one thinner than a human hair) offering speeds much faster than ADSL. There are two types of fibre broadband. Fibre-to-the-Cabinet' (FTTC), where fibre optic cables run from the telephone exchange to street cabinets before using standard copper telephone wires to connect to homes. Litton Cheney now has this “superfast” service available, theoretically offering speeds ranging from 38Mbit/s to 76Mbit/s. Fibre-to-the-premises' (FTTP) which, as the name suggests, involves fibre optic cables running directly to your home, offering speeds up to 1Gbit/s (i.e. 1,000Mbit/s). It is this “ultrafast” service which a working group is seeking to bring to Litton Cheney and other Bride Valley villages. Do I need Ultrafast Broadband? The answer to this question is entirely dependent upon how you intend to use your broadband and the number of users in your home; the more users and higher demand functions you use, the better your broadband will need to be. For most, a Superfast package is likely to offer more than enough for you to be able to browse, stream, listen, and watch as much as you’d like, even with multiple devices doing so at once. You will only run into issues with the speeds offered by a Superfast package once multiple users are starting to run high demand programs simultaneously, such as gamers who stream via Twitch as they play, for example. An Ultrafast package will easily be able to handle this increased demand, with blistering speeds up to 900Mbps being offered consistently throughout your home. With the increase in demand and speed, you can often see a differentiation in price between Superfast and Ultrafast broadband, so you’ll also need to consider the financial side of these packages to ensure that the option you choose is aligned with the amount you can feasibly afford.
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Photo by Claire Moore 3_7_2021