TRAINS The nearest railway stations are in Dorchester. Dorchester South is on the main line to Waterloo via Poole, Bournemouth and Southampton. Journey time to Waterloo is approximately 2 hours 35 minutes. Dorchester West is on the line to Yeovil (Pen Mill), Westbury, Bath and Bristol (Temple Meads). Both lines terminate at Weymouth in a southerly direction. The line through Crewkerne and Yeovil Junction goes to Exeter Central to the West (with connections to Plymouth) and to Salisbury and Waterloo to the East. Timetables and booking facilities can be found here TAXIS - CALL: 07725 548013 or FACEBOOK: @dorsettodoorstep Local or long distance.
The BVCS is a volunteer scheme offering residents of the Bride Valley transport to and from medical appointments when they are unable to drive themselves or be driven by relatives or friends. Clients are charged a mileage fee (currently 50p per mile) plus a standard charge (currently £2.00 per journey). Because the service depends on the availability of volunteer drivers, clients are asked to give as much notice as possible – we are unlikely to be able to respond to requests within 48 hours of an appointment. To book a journey please call our voluntary co-ordinator on 07393 607025
Bride Valley Car Service (BVCS) Operating Procedures Scope of Service 1. The service may be used to transport passengers to local surgeries and hospitals. Surgeries shall include the practice or clinic of a chiropodist, dentist, doctor, nurse, optician, physiotherapist or the like. 2. Passengers using the service must be able to enter, sit in and leave an ordinary car unaided; if not they must be accompanied by an able bodied adult who can assist them. No passenger will be carried whose size requires the use of a child seat or booster cushion in order to permit them to travel legally in an ordinary car or who needs or expects the driver to administer or assist with the administration of any form of medication at any time while they are acting on behalf of the service. Drivers Every driver must satisfy BVCS annually that:- 1. His or her car is taxed. 2. His or her car is insured and the driver is explicitly covered for volunteer driving. 3. His or her car has a valid MOT certificate if applicable. 4. He or she has a valid full driving licence. Drivers will be issued with parking permits for use at hospital car parks and must advise BVCS of any change of vehicle registration number. Applications for Disclosure and Barring Service checks on all drivers will be made where these are not already in existence. Drivers aged 70 or over must certify (using the form provided at Appendix A) that they are capable of acting as a volunteer driver. This certification must be renewed every 3 years (in line with DVLA requirements for renewing driving licences). Expenses Drivers will be reimbursed for total mileage driven from their home and back (including transporting the passenger) at the current HMRC-approved non profit rate of 45p for each mile. Passengers are required to pay 50p for each mile of their journey plus a fixed charge of £2.00, the combined payment to be made to the driver. A receipt is to be issued to the passenger by the driver for the full amount paid using the account/receipt book provided. The passenger mileage rate and the fixed charge may be altered from time to time. Accounting Drivers must account quarterly to the Treasurer on 31st March, 30th June,30th September and 31st December annually using the account/receipt book provided. At the quarterly accounting dates drivers should send to the Treasurer the complete second (yellow) copy of each journey page used during the quarter, plus either a. the surplus income accumulated during the quarter after deduction of their total mileage reimbursement, or b. a claim for reimbursement where their mileage expenses exceed the income received from passengers. Surplus income may be passed to the Treasurer in cash or by cheque made out to Bride Valley Car Service, or by bank transfer to TSB Sort Code 77 68 86, Account No. 00159468, Account name Bride Valley Car Service.
TravelDorset is an extremely useful live traffic and travel information service from Dorset Council
Use the site for: Live travel alerts for roads and public transport Road closures and disruptive road-work information Severe weather updates And lots more, including walking and cycling hints and tips. Click HERE to access
WEDNESDAY WEEKLY BUS SERVICE Dorset Community Transport run a bus service every Wednesday for local residents unable to easily access public transport for any reason, young or old, and including those with limited mobility. The National Bus Pass is accepted. To use this service you must register with DCT's PlusBus Service (Call 01258 287980) or email Once registered you must book your journey before 2.30pm the day before travel by contacting the same number or email address. Bear in mind space is limited (only 16 seats) and will be on a first come, first served basis. A door-to-door service may be possible. THE BUS SERVICE WILL GO INTO BRIDPORT & RETURN (9.30 AM FROM LITTON & 12.30 PM FROM BRIDPORT). PHONE 01258 287980 TO BOOK YOUR PLACE. Support for this service is crucial otherwise it may be discontinued and gone forever Residents and visitors who wish to take a bus into either Dorchester or Bridport can use the X51 bus service. You will however need to walk up to the A35 via Whiteway and it's quite an uphill hike. The consolation is it's all downhill on your return! Times can be found on Dorset Council website. Please be aware that there are no bus shelters or seats at the Whiteway or Bredy Hut bus stops on the A35.
Additional Bus Service available to Litton Cheney and Bride Valley residents Seasoned bus travellers may already be aware but for those less travelled a Monday to Friday (during term-time) bus service runs from Litton to Bradpole (Colfox School) at the following times:- Litton Cheney (Bus Shelter) – 7.50 a.m.via Askerswell & Shipton Gorge arriving at Bradpole (John Colfox School) – 8.30 a.m. Return - Bradpole (John Colfox School) – 3.40 p.m.via Shipton & Askerswell arriving at Litton Cheney (Bus Shelter) – 4.16 p.m. Local residents should be aware that this is a secondary school bus service run by First that, should space allow, can accept other fare paying passengers. For more information call 0345 646 0707 (Customer Service)
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The West Dorset Western Area Transport Action Group (WATAG) provides comprehensive information regarding bus and train services pertinent to West Dorset. Its latest news letter can be read HERE.