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Want to contribute to the well-being of Litton? Why not join the Premier Crew, a group of well-intentioned citizens of our village who clean and tidy up areas when they need a little bit of care and attention. Your ability to help will undoubtedly depend on your availability and you are not expected to turn up everytime there is a call to arms. Gender equality is alive and well, as is the bonhomie or bonfemme on offer whenever we meet. With enough volunteers we could even become the Grand Crew! If you would like to join us, please contact John Firrell on 01308 482313.
Premier Crew – Come & Join Us
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Village Newsletter November 2021
Danger - Loose Dogs!
Litton Cheney Parish Council The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Tuesday 11 th January 2022 when the parish precept for 2022/23 will be decided. As always local residents are actively encouraged to attend and involve themselves in diplomatic time when you can have your say. The Parish Council wishes everyone in Litton Cheney and the Bride Valley a very happy Christmas, and a stay well New Year. Parish Bench Fund – Take It In Your Stride - Rest Easy The plan is to place benches are various focal points around the village and surrounding area so that people can dwell a pause during the course of a walk, rest awhile and take in the scenery prior to continuing their ramble. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, perhaps even dedicate a bench to a loved one, please contact either Quentin Blacke or Parish Clerk Maggie Walsh for more information – more details can be found on village noticeboards. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – The Story So far The ideas are beginning to firm up amongst the Jubilee (in Excelsis) Community Group. Most of the village celebrations will take place over the Saturday and Sunday (4 th & 5 th June 2022) with several earlier warm up events as the weekend approaches. More details as we enter the New Year but its looking good – stand by to enjoy yourselves on a very special occasion. Updates will be published on the village website and on village noticeboards. Events at LATCH – for December Weekly Mondays: 15.30 The Big Q – term time only Tuesdays: 16.45 -17.45 Short Mat Bowls (Ron Davidson 482661) Wednesdays: 16.00 – Table Tennis (Ron Davidson 482661) 19.00 – Yoga with Anna Forrest ( Thursdays 14.00: First Steps Toddler Group (Claire Moore 07796 694052) – term time only Fridays: 10.00 – Art class in Meeting Room ( [3 rd and 10 th ] Specials Thursday 2 nd – Film Night “Knives Out” Doors 19.00. Film starts 19.30 Monday 13 th : Allotment Society AGM 19.30 in Meeting Room Wednesday 15 th : Thorner’s Christmas production Village Cafés: It was great to see the return of the Village Café in November. A reminder that the hall is available for hire free of charge on Saturday mornings for a Café to raise funds for any group. It’s a good social event for the community and always popular – contact me to book a date. Hall Bookings: Wendy Firrell 01308 482532 The White Horse – It’s beginning to look a lot like………... Well, somehow we find ourselves in November and planning Christmas events. Up to date information will, as always, be found on the White Horse Facebook page, but a few dates to put in your diaries are:- Saturday, 11th December - Mummer's Play Friday, 17th December - Fish 'n Chips, Happy Hour and Grand Christmas Meat and Cheese Draw Saturday, 18th December - Caribbean Christmas with Antigua Joe Sunday, 19th December - Christmas Dinner Roast, Christmas Draw and Christmas Quiz Christmas Eve - Cottage Pie Night - come and join us for a bite to eat before the main festivities Christmas Day - OPEN 12-2pm for drinks Plans are still in the making for Boxing Day (both of them!) and New Year's Eve/New Year's Day, as well as ideas for a carol service and post-Christmas walk - all to be confirmed. Let's hope everyone is able to get together with family and friends for a fantastic Christmas this year and that next year will be much easier all round. We may well close for a week or two in January and lie upstairs in a darkened room for a few days! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! Liz and Andy Full Fibre – Rural Gigabit Initiative We have yet to hear the outcome as to which area in Dorset is to receive full fibre broadband directly installed by Openreach courtesy of the government – everything is on hold for the moment. More in January’s BVN but it is hugely possible full fibre can still come about by completion of the voucher pledging scheme we started in September – we await word from Openreach and Dorset Council. Watch this space! Village Cafes The first Village Cafe for two years was held on the 6th November, with exploration of the School Discovery Area, information about beekeeping, insulation, eco-affairs.... and much talk plus coffee and home baked cakes. Thanks to everyone who came, helped, and donated. We have sent £160 to Sea Shepherd, £50 for the Discovery Area and £50 for the school. Artsreach at LATCH - The Syrian Baker The Syrian Baker drew a capacity crowd to the LATCH on Sunday 17 th October. On entering, the audience found itself in a quite different place—a welcoming Syrian meeting-place with ten tables dotted around the central acting area. Coffee was served in small cups, and draped lights created a café or meeting-point inside a bazaar. Writer Kevin Dyer took the story from interviews with Syrian refugees in Britain. With just three actors to weave together the story of Amina and Jamal, we saw childhood friends in Homs who later married but then became victims of the civil war. A portable bread-oven joined the action near the end when Jamal returned to his city, bidding the audience to stay behind to enjoy both his bread and the Syrian cakes and biscuits baked by our own village helpers. Pinar Öğün (Amina), Boodi Kabbani (Jamal) and Mohsen Ghaffari (Karim) were superb, seamlessly making the story come alive both across the years of experience and also across the miles separating war-torn Homs from London – a sanctuary that will finally be left behind. From donations raised after the show the sum of £100 was sent to the Hands Up Foundation, a charity which exists to support health and education projects in Syria. The next Artsreach drama is called Hefted, which will be performed by the Multistory Theatre Company at LATCH on Saturday 29 th January 2022.
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When in areas where there are livestock present or machinery is in use, keep your dog on a lead and keep to the public footpaths. A recent incident whereby a local resident was walking their dog off the lead, away from the public footpath, and cutting machinery was in use in the vineyard. The resident was advised by the vineyard manager to keep to the footpath and place the dog on the lead. You do not need much imagination to envisage what could have happened had the dog walked into the path of the cutting machine!
Ultrafast Broadband – Full Fibre – Pledge Your Voucher Funding has now been made available for the Community Fibre Partnership set up several months ago to facilitate the installation of full fibre ultrafast broadband in Litton Cheney, Long Bredy and Kingston Russell. For Litton Cheney, if you live within the following postcodes Project Gigabit vouchers will be available for you to pledge towards the cost of installation of full fibre to all these properties : - DT2 9DH; DT2 9AT; DT2 9AU; DT2 9AP; DT2 9AS; DT2 9AR; DT2 9AW; DT2 9AJ; DT2 9AL; DT2 9AN; DT2 9DW; DT2 9EQ; DT2 9AH; DT2 9AQ; DT2 9AG; DT2 9AF; DT2 9TE; DT2 9AE; DT2 9AD; DT2 9AX; DT2 9DR. Visit for more details. Even if you have an adequate speed for your use, please think of others nearby whose connectivity is pretty dire. Using your pledge (worth £2500+) will help bring full fibre connectivity to our villages. The opportunity to pledge vouchers is time limited so please act as soon as you can. Inevitably there are conditions and these should be read carefully, but the process of actually bringing fibre to your door is all down to the amount of pledges received.
Road Closure Portesham
Closure of Whiteway
TEMPORARY CLOSURE OF WHITE WAY, LITTON CHENEY DORSET COUNCIL has made an Order under Section 14 [1] of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984, as amended. All vehicles will be prohibited from proceeding along White Way, Litton Cheney from the junction with A35 Dorchester Road to point approximately 750 metres to the south (in both directions). The order is needed in order to comply with health and safety regulations, which require the provision of safe working areas and to minimise the likelihood of danger to highway users. It will come into operation on 13th December 2021 and will remain in force for 18 months. however it is anticipated that the works will be completed by 5th January 2022 This Order will enable Openreach, safe access to lay ducting within the verge and footway and install cables to improve the Emergency Services Network in the area. An alternative vehicular route will be signed using Main Street, Chalk Pit Lane, A35 and vice versa. If you would like further information about the work being undertaken and access arrangements, please call CCN agents on behalf of Openreach on 01202 091959. For further information concerning this Order please call Dorset Highways Traffic Team on 01305 221020. Find this information online: 25th November 2021 JOHN SELLGREN, Executive Director of Place, Dorset Council, South Walks House, Dorchester DT1 1UZ.
OVERNIGHT CLOSURE OF GOOSE HILL, PORTESHAM DORSET COUNCIL has made a Notice under Section 14 [2] of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 as amended. All vehicles will be prohibited from proceeding along Goose Hill, Portesham between Malthouse Meadow and Fry's Close (in both directions), a distance of approximately 90 metres. The Notice is needed in order to comply with health and safety regulations which require the provision of safe working areas and to minimise the likelihood of danger to highway users. It will come into operation on at 20:00 on 16th December 2021​ and remain in force for five nights, but it is anticipated that the works will be completed by 06:00 on 17th December 2021. This Notice will enable Dorset Council to carry out carriageway maintenance and resurfacing works. A locally signed diversion route will be put in place to enable traffic to travel around the closed section. For further information about the work being undertaken, call Dorset Highways Operations on 01305 228100. To discuss this Notice, call Dorset Highways Traffic Team on 01305 221020 or email . Find this information online at www s. 30th November 2021 JOHN SELLGREN, Executive Director of Place, Dorset Council, South Walks House, Dorchester DT1 1UZ. Any person who uses or permits the use of a vehicle in contravention of the Notice will be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £1000.
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