This website is produced under the sponsorship of the Litton Cheney Parish Council, Litton and Thorners Community Hall and the Litton Cheney Social Committee. Overall management is undertaken by the Litton Cheney Web Group whose current members are: John Salvetti, Chairman John Firrell, Secretary, Treasurer, LATCH & Parish Council representative Steve Kourik David Hearn, Webmaster The aims and constitution of the Litton Cheney Web Group are set out below: The Purpose of the Litton Cheney Web Site ( To provide a source of on-line information which is accessible via the internet. This will enable villagers to keep up-to-date with forthcoming activities and to obtain information about local services and suppliers. It will also provide those who do not live in the Village, or are just passing through, with a source of information about the village and local history. Aims of the Litton Cheney Web Group 1. To encourage individuals and village organisations to provide information and to organise this information for presentation on the website. 2. To assist local businesses, including the use of advertising. 3. To use local expertise to carry out technical work and support other local groups. This would include practical help with using and maintaining computers. 4. To make the site financially self-sufficient. 5. To assess the effectiveness of the site from time to time. Constitution of the Litton Cheney Web Group 1. The committee shall consist of no less than four members – including the Webmaster and representatives from the Parish Council, Litton and Thorners Community Hall and the Litton Cheney Social Committee. 2. Two officers shall be appointed – Chairman and Secretary, with the latter also acting as Treasurer. 3. A quorum shall consist of any three members, including at least 1 of the appointed officers. 4. Except for the AGM, meetings shall be called on an “as required” basis. Minutes of meetings shall be sent via email to committee members and also posted on the website. 5. A bank account shall be maintained in the name of “Litton Cheney Web Group”. 6. The Chairman, Secretary as officers of the LCWG, together with the Webmaster and one other nominated committee member shall be the designated signatories. 7. Cheques shall be authorised by any two signatories. 8. The Group’s financial year shall end on the 31 st March. 9. An AGM shall be held in May to elect officers for the coming year and to review activities of the previous year, including a report on financial aspects. 10. In the event of the Web Group terminating, all surplus funds, after debts have been cleared, shall be paid to the Litton Cheney Parish Council.
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