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Please put your glass out for recycling before Christmas Please put your glass box out on your recycling collection day before Christmas, even if your box isn’t full yet. This makes space in your box for the bottles and jars you may use over the festive period, which means they’re lighter and easier for our crews to empty after Christmas.
Dorset AONB News
Farming in Protected Landscapes We are delighted to announce the launch of a new programme to support farmers and land managers in Areas and Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks. There will be around £500,000 to support projects in the Dorset AONB until the end of March 2022 and it is expected the scheme will continue until March 2024. The focus of the programme is to: support nature recovery mitigate the impacts of climate change provide opportunities for people to discover, enjoy and understand the landscape and its cultural heritage support nature-friendly, sustainable farm businesses The Dorset AONB Team will be managing the programme locally and you can find out more on our website.
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Looking the other way this summer As summer rolls on and we get a taste for long days and being outdoors, we’re often asked to share our ‘hidden gems’ – places to go to get away from the coastal crowds.The best advice we can give is ‘look the other way’! If you’re on a busy beach look inland and head for the highest point for great views and a sense of space – with over 2,000 miles of public rights of way in the Dorset AONB, there’s bound to be a way up there. Have a look at the Explore map on our website for lots of inland places to discover.Finding a new activity is another great way to explore new places. For younger families, a riverside picnic could make a welcome change from the beach. Or look out for forest school or messy art family activities outdoors. For older families, geocaching and orienteering are a great focus - who could resist the quest to find some of the 100s of geocache treasure boxes in Dorset? Or check out the Artsreach summer programme for outdoor familyfriendly performances and activities for young people, with our outstanding landscape as a beautiful backdrop.
New National Nature Reserve Dorset Wildlife Trust are excited to share news that Kingcombe Meadows and Powerstock Common have been designated by Natural England as a new joint National Nature Reserve (NNR), the Kingcombe NNR.National Nature Reserves showcase the best of the country's conserved habitats and support engagement with nature for education and wellbeing. Natural England have designated over 200 of these gold-standard havens for wildlife across the country, joining up nature reserves in a growing Nature Recovery Network where wildlife can thrive and spread. Kingcombe Meadows and Powerstock Common, where marsh fritillary butterflies, bee orchids and bats are among the many thriving species, are wonderful places to visit throughout the year.
Promise to Love Dorset In Dorset, we are lucky to have mile upon mile of beautiful countryside, coastline and picturesque towns and we want to care and protect our county for the future. The new Promise to Love Dorset campaign is encouraging everyone to be responsible travellers when out and about in Dorset and support sustainable tourism. Even the smallest things can make a big difference to local communities and wildlife.
a village in the Bride Valley Litton Cheney Dorset
Photo by Claire Moore 3_7_2021
Dorset History Centre News
Want to reduce your single use plastic? If you have a baby, try reusable nappies Choosing reusable nappies helps fight climate change, reduces your rubbish, and saves up to £600 off your nappy bill! Our reusable nappy scheme now offers parents a nappy starter pack from one of our local reusable nappy retailers.
Cartons need to be recycled separately Food and drink cartons (eg. Tetrapak) and cardboard containers with metal ends (eg. Pringles tubes) do not go in your recycling bin - they can be saved up and taken to your nearest recycling bank or household recycling centre. They can also go in your rubbish bin, but they won't be recycled if they are placed there.
This time, we have another barn for you to work out the location of, pictured in a photograph from 1983.As always, send us your best guesses, and we will reveal the answer in our next newsletter!
Welcome to February’s Newsletter The evenings are a little bit brighter, the daffodils and snowdrops are beginning to emerge, and it feels like nature is beginning to wake up as we move into February. Everything just has a bit more of a spring, doesn't it?At Dorset History Centre, the work continues apace as we move forward into 2022. We have seen our public spaces get busier in January as more people visit us once more; we have taken in numerous deposits of material since the start of the year; and we are preparing to welcome new colleagues into Dorset History Centre.
During February the Historic Environment Record (HER) and Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) staff will be moving into the History Centre to join the Archives and Records Service.This service now comprises the Archives, Historic Environment Record and Portable Antiquities Scheme for Dorset and BCP with the Local Studies Library for Dorset Council housed at the Dorset History Centre. In addition the Records Management Service for Dorset Council, housed in County Hall is now also part of the service.
At Dorset History Centre, we are keen to encourage guest blogs from our readers detailing the research and work they are undertaking. Michael Pitfield has written us this second post (you can read the first here if you missed it) explaining where fifty years of genealogical research have led him…
In our last newsletter we shared this image with you and asked you to work outwhere it was taken. Clearly we made this effort too easy, as lots of people got in touch with us correctly identifying that this is an image of the tithe barn at Abbotsbury. Thank-you to everyone who got in touch with your guesses!