Litton Cheney Allotment Society was established in 2008 from land made available to villagers at the southern end of the playing field. There are 12 plots, approximately 10m x 8m - small enough to manage in an hour a week - large enough to grow fresh produce for a family. It is a lovely location to work in.
There are no vacant plots at the moment, but we will start a waiting list if necessary. If you are interested, the annual fee is £10 plus subs of another £10 (to cover incidentals & insurance). There is also a joining fee. If your garden is too small, full to the brim, too dark and unproductive, or you just fancy an excuse to escape from the phone and the housework/kids/husband/wife from time to time, why not join us? Plots are very manageable in size -10m by 8m, which is plenty to keep a family going in veg, fruit or cut flowers, but not too daunting when it comes to the winter digging. Half plots can be made available. Please address all enquiries to: Madeleine Hickling on 01308 482164 or email .
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