Litton Cheney Allotment Society was established in 2008 from land made available to villagers at the southern end of the playing field. There are 12 plots, approximately 10m x 8m - small enough to manage in an hour a week - large enough to grow fresh produce for a family. It is a lovely location to work in. For more information contact: Madeleine Hickling, Secretary, 01308 482164; email:
There are currently 3 vacant plots. The annual fee is £10 plus subs of another £10 (to cover incidentals & insurance). There is also a joining fee. If your garden is too small, full to the brim, too dark and unproductive, or you just fancy an excuse to escape from the phone and the housework/kids/husband/wife from time to time, why not join us? Plots are very manageable in size -10m by 8m, which is plenty to keep a family going in veg, fruit or cut flowers, but not too daunting when it comes to the winter digging. Half plots can be made available. We give preference to residents of Litton Cheney, but when there is no waiting list we can also offer the plot to neighbouring villagers. Contact: Madeleine Hickling on 01308 482164 or email if you are interested.
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