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Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on 9 th July 2019
Agenda for Parish Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday 10 th September at 7.30 pm
LITTON CHENEY PARISH COUNCIL Minutes of the Meeting of Litton Cheney Parish Council held on Tuesday 9 July 2019 at Litton and Thorner's Community Hall Present: Bill Orchard (Chairman); Kathryn Brooks; John Firrell: Andy King; Andrew Price; Bella Spurrier; Maggie Walsh (Clerk). 1. Apologies: None 2. Declarations of interest: none 3. Democratic time: N/A as no villagers attended the meeting 4. Approval of Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 14 May 2019 - it was proposed by Cllr Orchard, seconded by Cllr Spurrier and carried unanimously that these minutes be approved. 5. Matters arising not part of the agenda: none 6. DC overview – not available as Cllr Mark Roberts was not in attendance. 7. Annual Finance Report (Maggie Walsh, Clerk and RFO) 2018/19 – the Annual Governance and Accountability Return had been submitted to the external auditors. The auditors had acknowledged receipt and would process it in due course. The period for public inspection had commenced on 17 June and would run until 26 July. 2019/2020 - Parish funds currently stood at £14,175.58. Spend since May’s meeting was £699.99 comprising £144.23 DAPTC subscription, £339.76 insurance, £216 clearance works at the Triangle. Income since May’s meeting was £5,300.21, comprising £5,300 precept and 21p interest. There was one payment for approval: £35 for the annual GDPR registration (payable by direct debit as this reduced the payment by £5). It was proposed by Cllr Firrell, seconded by Cllr King and carried unanimously that this be approved. 8. Annual consideration of donations to Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, Bridport CAB and Bride Valley News (historically £75 per organisation): Cllr Firrell proposed that the Parish Council donate £75 to each of these three organisations. This was seconded by Cllr Brooks and carried unanimously. MW 9. Councillors’ portfolios: Bill Orchard (Chairman) reported that he would be taking on the Footpaths/Rights of Way/Mobile Phone Mast portfolio previously held by former Cllr Steve Kourik and that the Highways/Transport portfolio would pass to Andrew Price. Highways/Transport (Bill Orchard): Cllr Firrell had spent significant time trying to reach a satisfactory outcome regarding Dorset Council’s and First Bus’s intention to route double decker school buses through the village. The PC hoped to arrange a meeting with First’s Transport Manager, to which other affected PCs would be invited. Parish Councillors were concerned they had not seen a robust risk assessment that adequately addressed the risks associated with buses along the route and double decker buses in particular. The PC awaited details from Bridport Town Council lengthsman regarding planned repairs to the stream opposite the Tithe Barn. Playground/Playing Field/Allotments (Andy King): Cllr King felt the frequency with which playing field grass was cut could be reduced and that the grass around the boundary of the allotments could be added to the contract: he anticipated that this would reduce the overall annual cost of grass cutting. He would put this on the agenda for the meeting in September. Any resulting savings could then be factored into the 2020/21 precept. AK/MW The hedge between the allotment and playing field would need cutting once birds had finished nesting. The PC had received 2 quotes of £290 and £216 for repairs to the allotment gates. Subject to lead times being acceptable, the work would be awarded to the cheapest contractor. Repairs to playground equipment were in hand. Agricultural Liaison (Bella Spurrier): the “Premier Crew” had filled the trench across the field adjacent the playground that had been a risk to livestock. Planning (Kathryn Brooks): The following planning matters were outstanding:- WD/D/19/000958 | Erect two storey rear extension and detached garage | TOWNSEND COTTAGE, 2 CHALK PIT LANE - the original application had been withdrawn as it was not correctly submitted and the new application was under consultation. The Conservation Officer had objected on grounds of the impact of a two storey extension on the existing thatched roof; the risk of damage through water ingress; the raising of the chimney and the proposed wood burning stoves in thatched listed building. The Conservation Officer instead suggested a two storey extension at a distance from the existing structure with a single storey link, so that the old and the new were not in juxtaposition. The Parish Council had not raised an objection to this application. An update was awaited from the case officer. WD/D/19/001128 | Erection of agricultural storage building (Retrospective) | CHARITY FARM, MAIN STREET - No objection from Natural England or Environmental Health. The Parish Council had registered concerns regarding continued development of barns on the site, feeling this to be undesirable in a central village location. An update was awaited from the case officer. WD/D/19/000916 | Compliance with conditions | CHARITY FARM -This application dealt with pre-commencement conditions relating to materials, landscaping and boundary treatment associated with planning permission for 7 dwellings. A new plan had been submitted since the last meeting showing the missing Holm Oak. An update was awaited from the case office The following applications had been decided since the last meeting: WD/D/18/002298 | Erection of extension and alterations and construction of a new bridge and vehicular access | THE MILL HOUSE, MAIN STREET - Approved WD/D/19/000570 | Convert outbuilding to self-contained unit (without compliance with conditions 3 & 4 of planning permission 1/D/11/000368 - to remove the restriction to holiday use & allow for use as a residential dwelling) | FAITH HOUSE, MAIN STREET - Approved WD/D/19/000630 | Erection of first floor extension to office building, construction of additional car parking facilities & the erection of a small storage building | FRYS, MAIN STREET - Approved with the condition that the new car parking area is completed before the extension work commences. WD/D/19/000516 | Installation of dormers to front elevation | GLEBE END, HINES MEAD LANE - Approved Risk Assessment/Transparency Code/Annual Report: one of the Parish Councillor positions remained vacant and so this portfolio was currently unallocated. The Privacy Statement and Data Protection and Email Polices were however due for review and approval. The clerk would circulate annotated copies to Parish Councillors for review and agreement at September’s meeting. MW/ALL Village Fabric/Maintenance/Devolved Services (John Firrell): The “Premier Crew” of volunteers continued to do sterling work and had completed most maintenance tasks. The PC was finalising its response to a DAPTC survey about works it undertakes on behalf of the community it serves. There was currently a large vacuum between the new unitary authority and parish and town councils and BLAP and DAPTC were jockeying to fill this role. DCC had undertaken to improve the way it worked with local councils. Cllr Firrell believed that DCC did not currently have sufficient staff to respond to local councils. DCC was currently consulting on the programme and Statement of Community Involvement for the new Local Plan – it was important for Litton Cheney PC to be involved and all parish councillors were urged to read both documents and send comments to the clerk for collation and submission. ALL Cllrs Firrell and Orchard had met with DCC Countryside Team regarding the slippery surface of The Rocks. They believed the problem was caused by water running down the slope being impeded by a submerged concrete drain and proposed installing a French drain diagonally across the path to remedy the situation. Meanwhile the Premier Crew would continue to clean the surface. The giant hogweed had been treated and was dying. 10. Correspondence not dealt with as part of the agenda – Lyn Lacey’s four year term as Trustee to the Litton Cheney Trust would soon end. It was proposed by Cllr Firrell that she be nominated for a further period of four years. It was seconded by Cllr King and carried unanimously that she be appointed. 11. New planning applications for consideration at the meeting – there were no new planning applications for consideration. 12. Date of next meeting – Tuesday 10 September 2019 – apologies Cllr Price 13. Meeting closed Maggie Walsh - Parish Clerk
Minutes of Annual Parish Assembly held on 14 th May 2019
LITTON CHENEY PARISH COUNCIL Minutes of the Village Assembly held on Tuesday 14 May 2019 at Litton and Thorner's Community Hall Present: Bill Orchard (Chairman); Bella Spurrier; John Firrell; Maggie Walsh (Clerk). Also in attendance: 31 local residents 1. Apologies: Kathryn Brooks; Andy King. 2. Chairman’s review of the year The Chairman, Bill Orchard, thanked everyone for coming and began summarising recent events. Dorset Council had not consulted the Parish Council about its intention to introduce a double decker school bus. The PC only learned of the plan when a number of villagers received letters requiring them to clear overhanging hedges and vegetation within 14 days. The PC believed the route unsuitable for a double decker bus, as evidenced by problems caused when HGVs attempt to drive through the village. The PC also felt the proposed journey of one hour ten minutes from Winterbourne Abbas to the Sir John Colfox School was too long for schoolchildren. Following representations from several Parish Councils, Dorset Council had put the matter on hold pending further discussions. Parish Councillors from Litton Cheney and Long Bredy attend regular meetings with Ashley Chase Cheese Farm. Ashley Chase now use Ashley Cooper to project manage transport via a hub, which had helped reduce HGVs in the village. A working party was looking into the feasibility of a private road to the Cheese Farm, which would keep HGVs out of both villages. The stream opposite The Old Tithe Barn had been damaged by heavy plant entering Charity Farm. Some remedial works had been carried out and the PC had been in discussion with the Environment Agency (EA) and Dorset Highways to find a long- term solution that both would support. Agreement had been reached to excavate the stream and lay slabs angled towards the road. The PC hoped work could shortly be completed by Bridport Town Council from funds already budgeted for the lengthsman scheme, but would look to the farm owner to recover costs from contractors should they cause any subsequent damage. In 2017 and 2018 there was a substantial increase to the Parish Council precept, partly in anticipation of work devolving to Parish Councils as a consequence of local government reorganisation and the financial challenges it faced: the new Unitary had commenced with a significant deficit. There was still no further information on how this might impact on Parish Councils and the PC had therefore chosen to freeze the precept at £10,600 for the current year. At approximately £52.21 per year for a band D house, he hoped villagers felt this represented good value for the services they received from the Parish Council. John Firrell had organised a team of volunteers - the “Premier Crew”, of around 15 people who carried out various works around the village. E.g. preparing the stream for the duck race and various clearance works including the allotments, The Rocks and bottom of Whiteway. Two years ago, the village was consulted about a Neighbourhood Plan (NP), which would allow the community to influence the location and nature of development in the village. At that time, villagers voted against a NP, concluding the Local Plan provided sufficient protection for the village. Subsequently planning permission for 7 houses at Charity Farm suggested the Local Plan did not provide as much protection as had been thought. Under the new Unitary, the various Local Plans inherited from the previous District and County Councils will need to be aligned/amalgamated. The PC would await the outcome of current deliberations before deciding whether villagers should be asked if they wished to revisit a Litton Cheney NP. A number of people, including John Firrell, David Hearn and children from the village school, had worked hard to mark the 100 th anniversary of the WW1 Armistice, focussing on the contribution made by men from the village. The village should be proud of their efforts. Various works had been undertaken to improve drainage and the surface of The Rocks, whilst trying to keep costs down. This had not been entirely successful and this may need revisiting. The allotment plots were well administered by the Allotment Society. However, following an incursion by sheep and problems with rabbits, the PC had supported the allotments by paying for new fencing: this had been successful. The refurbished playground was also popular. Most dog owners acted responsibly and cleared up dog poo. Dorset Council no longer install or service new dog bins but accept limited quantities of dog waste in general litter bins and household bins. Unfortunately, a small number of people had recently deposited sacks full of dog poo in the village litter bin, which smelled offensive and overflowed at times. An additional bin could be provided, if villagers were prepared to use the PC precept to pay for its installation and servicing. The village bin should now be emptied weekly. The Chairman finished by saying the PC continued to struggle to fill vacancies and asked villagers to consider becoming a Parish Councillor: a worthwhile role and not too onerous. 3. Open floor: this was an opportunity for local residents to raise matters they wished to bring to the attention of the Parish Council and/or other residents Dog fouling was discussed. The PC cannot enforce bylaws preventing dog fouling. Dorset still has a dog warden whom anyone can notify about loose dogs. The location and number of bins were discussed. The waterway down the track towards the playground was blocked – JF would ask the Premier Crew to clear it. The area around the telephone box was muddy after rubbish had been left there awaiting collection: this had been an oversight and should not happen again. The PC would probably be asked to take ownership of the telephone box so this area may come under future discussion. Parish Councillors recently met with the Police Community Support Officer to discuss crime rates in the village and how crime is recorded. 4. Presentation by John Firrell – regeneration of the bus shelter area JF explained that a group of villagers were considering how the area around the bus shelter/ Jubilee Hut might be improved. Items being considered included an interpretation board including information about the village now and in the past. He hoped the school would be involved in this. extending the rustic kerbstones in front of the shelter location of existing noticeboard removing/moving the existing bench moving the bin further away from the bus stop to reduce smells location of the village stone Villagers made a number of observations, including whether improvements were needed. JF stressed discussions were at early stages and no decisions had been made. His presentation was to give villagers a chance to have their say, promising their views would be heard. JF also highlighted that Dorset Council had insisted the turnstiles at each end of The Rocks impeded access and could not be retained as they were. This had proved contentious with villagers. He shared an artist’s impression of a possible solution whereby the turnstiles are retained with a swing gate at the side. Most present felt this was a good idea. Some of those attending felt a number of interesting ideas had come from the floor and there was some discussion about systems by which, other than attending PC meetings, villagers might be able to convey further ideas to the PC At the close of the meeting, Freddie Spicer thanked the Parish Council on behalf of the village for their work over the past year. Maggie Walsh Parish Clerk
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LITTON CHENEY PARISH COUNCIL A Meeting of the Litton Cheney Parish Council will be held at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 10 September 2019 at Litton and Thorner’s Community Hall 1. Apologies for absence – Andrew Price 2. Declarations of interest 3. Democratic time 4. Approval of minutes of meeting of the Parish Council held on 9 July 2019 5. Matters arising that are not part of this Agenda – thanks received from the Bridport Citizens Advice Bureau and Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance for donations 6. Dorset Council overview Cllr Mark Roberts (Ward Councillor for Chesil Bank) 7.`Finance Report: update on 2018-2019 Annual Governance Review; year to date finance report for 2019-2020 (appended); invoices for payment (appended). Agree principle of transacting grant, income and payments through PC regarding installation of renewable energy equipment at LATCH. 8. Councillors Portfolios: Footpaths/Rights of Way/Mobile Phone Mast (Chairman); Highways/Transport (Andrew Price); Playground/ Field/Allotments (Mr A. King); Agricultural Liaison (Mrs A. Spurrier); Planning (Mrs K. Brooks); Risk Assessment/Transparency/Data Protection (not presently allocated); Village Fabric/ Maintenance/DAPTC/BLAP (Mr J. Firrell) Including Does the PC wish to complete and submit the definitive map modification order application to resolve the Watery Lane right of way anomaly? (See background below) Repairs to damaged finger post Proposal to amend grass cutting contract for 2020 - 2021 Annual review of Privacy Statement and Data Protection and Email Polices. C2 double decker school bus update Stream bank repair The annual playground inspection falls due in October: quotes should be available for discussion at the meeting. 9. Correspondence not dealt with as part of agenda 10 Planning matters new applications for consideration 2 Charity Farm Cottages, Main Street DT2 9AP – erect single storey extensions (WD/D/001427) and internal and external alterations to include the erection of single storey extensions (WD/D/19/001428 – Listed Building Consent) 3 Baglake, DT2 9DP – conversion of integral garage to for additional living accommodation (demolish existing conservatory) with associated alterations to elevations (WD/D/19/001843) 11. Date of next meeting – Tuesday 12 November 2019 12. Meeting closed Background to footpath anomaly: when the Rights of Way Definitive Map was drawn up following the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act becoming law around 1949 every English and Welsh parish council was obliged to draw up a map of all the existing footpaths, bridleways and byways in their parish. Litton Cheney's draft map included a footpath that ran from Chalk Pit Lane just west of the bus shelter along what we know as Watery Lane and up to the A35 road, second footpath branched off to the east of this path close to the Old Rectory Garden and up to the A35 further east (FP W12/1). A challenge was made that claimed the western path had not existed as a public footpath and should be deleted, this objection was accepted, however this resulted in footpath W12/1 being left with no connection to any public right of way or highway. Since that time people have used Watery Lane to access the eastern footpath without any objections from landowners (to the best of my knowledge). This is fine whilst there are no objections but, should a change of owner occur or the land owner(s) decide to object, the right to use Watery Lane could be lost and, therefore, access to the footpath W12/1 also would be lost. Finance report as at 1 September 2019
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