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Dorset Litton Cheney in the Bride Valley
  The following two reflections on Mandy’s life were read by Reverend Canon Stephen Batty at her funeral on the 9th of April 2017 By her children Paige, Robyn and Lloyd:
She was known to many people as Mandy but to us she was always Mum.  Not only was she Mum, she was also our best friend.  As far as Mums go we got pretty lucky.  Whether it was taking us to football or work, or picking us up from Weymouth at 4am she would always be there.  If she was on time or not was a different story.  To carry on tradition all three of us went to Thorner's school as Mum did.  In fact most people know that she never really left.  She had many roles at Thorner's be it a student, parent, fundraiser or beloved member of staff.  It always held a very special place in her heart. For many children growing up in the middle of nowhere, we imagine summer holidays could have been slightly dull, but not us!  Mum was always just as excited for the summer holidays as we were.  She was the only parent we ever heard wishing the holidays lasted 12 weeks instead of 6.  We always loved our days out, especially the times Mum, Dad and Nan would take us to the amusements we always knew as "Granny's".  Still to this day we're not sure why.  Mum was never much of a gambler, but she wouldn't think twice about changing up a week's wages into 2p's just to get her hands on that last "Hello Kitty Keyring". It was the simple things in life Mum loved the most.  A day spent with her husband, children and parents couldn't have made her any happier.  She had many loves, animals being one. There wasn't any time in our childhood that we remember not having a household pet.  Dad unfortunately was allergic to cats, so this limited us to only having two at a time.  Even as a Mum she never lost her mischievous side.  Everyone and everything had a nickname, whether it was a "Badger named Brian" or a sister named "DW".  She herself had the nick name "Bonzo", unfortunately for most there was no escape. She always loved driving, especially her Discoveries.  Although, to Dad’s despair, there would always be new scratches that she wouldn't know anything about apart from that one time the hedge jumped out at her.  Despite this she still managed to teach us all how to drive and pass first time.  Well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad! For Mum family holidays were a must.  She always said "I refuse to work hard all year without a holiday at the end of it" and we couldn't have agreed more.  Our holidays, however, always seemed to result in a scene from one of Mum’s favourite shows, Benidorm.  For starters Dad made sure we got to the airport 6 hours early so not to be at the back of the check-in queue.  to this day we've still never been seated together.  This was merely a taster of what was to come.  Some of our fondest memories are of being on holiday be it Portugal, Canary Islands or Mum’s personal favourite Cyprus. Cyprus is full of some of our best memories.  Mum would always partake in what any country would have to offer be it drinking cocktails, cheap fags, swimming, banana boats or learning the local language.  Unsurprisingly she would never like to travel around on a conventional mode of transport, camels, horses, quad bikes, tuk tuk's just to name a few.  On one of our most recent holidays she decided that Segways would be a good way to see the sights.  This was a disaster waiting to happen.  5 people with no balance what-so-ever was only going to end one way.  Things got off to a shaky start when one of us crashed into a parked van and so the tour was almost cut short.  Mum, as she always did, took charge and led the group.  Confidence began to grow quite quickly, certainly in some more than others (Dad).  Unfortunately this would be short lived as a steep slope and a busy cafe now stood in our way.  Nearly all at the top, we started to grind to a halt.  Mum looked behind her to check we were all safe and sound. Unfortunately Dad hadn't quite mastered reverse.  The sight that followed was Dad being run over by his own Segway then chasing after it until it crashed into a wall.  Meanwhile, without warning, Mum tried to step off with too much force, sending the Segway straight into the tour guide and the busy cafe, causing the chef to recook many dishes.  Needless to say our deposits were not returned.  Most people grow out of family holidays with their parents but not us.  There was nothing more we enjoyed than our yearly holidays and we’re sure you can all see why. If you were to ask Mum for her biggest achievement in life, she would have said her children. For us she couldn't have picked a better thing to focus on.  Her family really was her life.  She was the most loving, caring and beautiful woman imaginable.  She couldn't have done any more for us.  Even towards the end, when she became ill, she was always trying to look after us and make sure that we were happy.  She will be forever missed but will live on through her family. We love you Mum and we'll see you again one day. Paige, Robyn and Lloyd
By her sister Sandra: Mandy was born at Bridgewater hospital on the 20th May 1962, the first-born child to Ray and Beryl Peach and the first grandchild to arrive for the Peach and Gaines families.  When Mandy was born she was baptised immediately as she was very poorly and not expected to live but, because of her strength, courage and determination, she survived. Mandy grew into a bright, healthy and very happy child.  She loved being around her family, helping her mother and father.  Mandy particularly enjoyed spending time with her Auntie Janet and Uncle John and enjoyed going on holidays with them.  In her later life Mandy, Richard and the rest of the family would spend wonderful holidays with her Uncle Bob in Cyprus.  Mandy spent many a good time with her much loved Nanny Peach, Uncle Ivor and Auntie Gerry at their Melbury Osmond ‘Walnut Cottage’.  Playing in the park, using old push chairs to wheel her younger siblings and cousins Alison, Rachel and Rebeca down though the winding hills, then back to Nanny Peach’s for a bath in front of the fire in a big copper tub.  This would be finished off with a delicious piece of homemade cake and a special seat in Nanny’s best lounge to stare in awe at (but not to touch) Grandad Peach’s great dome clock. That beautiful dome clock never failed to amaze Mandy and the rest of us.  We would all sit transfixed by the way it would sway and rotate. Mandy attended Thorner’s Primary School where she was a good student and loved her sports and art.  She also attended the village Sunday school which she very much loved.  Older sister to Sandra and Andrew, (DW and Snorkey as she fondly called them), she had nicknames for most of us, some of us not being aware, Snake, Tina Teaspoon and Phillip Pheasant just to name a few.  Sandra and Andrew always looked up to Mandy and she often put both of them in their places, but she was very protective of both of them and they both loved her very much.  Many good days as children were spent blackberry picking, searching for mushrooms and paddling in the village stream on a warm summer’s afternoon looking to tickle the trout, provided that the silence wasn't broken by the terrified screams coming from the mouths of Mandy and Sandra as their younger brother Andrew chased them down stream with a bag of live eels (presumably that he had mischievously caught as his two older sisters had their backs turned).  It wouldn't be uncommon for days like these to be finished off with some scrumping.  To all of you this is a term meaning to help yourself to someone else's fruit, that’s if you are able to climb a tree or two.  This was something Mandy prided herself in being the best at although, if you asked her brother Andrew, he would be likely to disagree.  Mandy brought much laughter and fun into our lives every day, usually accompanied by cousins David, Stuart and Nicola and, of course, she was very fond of their father Uncle Roger. Mandy grew into a beautiful and talented young woman.  She then attended the Sir John Colfox School in Bridport.  This was something Mandy had little time for as she had more important things to attend to but, in between studying and giving the boys in her year a good hiding, she managed to achieve many ‘O’ levels.  She particularly shone in art and cookery.  Mandy was a strong character in mind and body.  She was loyal and trustworthy.  Tell her a secret and it would never be told.  She was always ready to back you up and support you in every way.  Her mother was her best friend and her father was her hero.  She always looked up to them and loved us all. Speaking of love, Richard, the first and only love of Mandy's life, loved Mandy from the first day they met.  She loved him even though he was always in trouble with Mandy, always taking the blame for everything even if he was not there, but Richard took it in his stride.  Mandy’s greatest success was her three beautiful children Lloyd, Robyn and Paige.  She was so proud of them all and, in later years, granddaughter Isla, first born child to Lloyd and Leonine.  What more can any of us ask for?  They were her life and her world, she needed no more. Now our love, sorry you had to leave so soon.  Please don't wait, just be waiting when we come to look for you.  For now go on as we will follow, but just not yet.  Shine your light and we will find you. On earth there was no tree too tall for you to climb, no river to wide for you to flame too dim to burn for you, go on. Sandra
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