Pest Control Service The Pest Control Service remains an in-house service with support from identified relief contractors. Officers aim to respond to requests for service/treatment within 2 days but usually this is the same day. We treat for rats and mice, the removal of wasps/hornets nests, cockroaches, biting insects such as fleas and bedbugs, as well as non-public health insects such as ants and flies. A small charge is made per treatment (from £42.00) but will depend upon the nature of the pest. Where residents are in receipt of some benefits the charge may decrease by 50%. We also undertake treatments for businesses; this is charged by the hour plus materials (approx. £60.00/hr). In some cases we agree contracts with a business/organisation to treat for pests. We do not treat bees except in exceptional circumstances due to their current plight but we can offer advice and suggest local bee keepers who may be interested in obtaining the swarm. Additionally birds and moles are not treated. Where a neighbouring property appears to be the source of infestation we can investigate and assess the situation. If it is found to be necessary formal action may be taken to control/eradicate the problem. We would always discourage excessive bird feeding and in particular ground feeding as this will encourage vermin. Please contact Clive Harrison 01305 252629 for further information or email our pest control service via Dog Warden Services The dog warden deals with stray dogs and complaints involving dogs such as those not being kept under proper control and barking dogs. Patrols are also undertaken as time permits to enforce the Council’s Dog Control Orders. These include not picking up after a dog has fouled in a public place, exclusion from children’s play areas, marked sports pitches and some beaches, and requirements for dogs to be on leads on some beaches. Patrols are frequently undertaken in ‘hot spot’ areas in response to a complaint about an area. Please note that the presence of the dog warden in an area will often change owners’ behaviour and frequently we have to rely on members of the public to identify offenders. We are happy to provide signage however it needs to be appropriately located and on public land. Dog bins are not supplied by this authority as the content is classified as hazardous waste and therefore must be collected and transported by an appropriate collection service. If a bin is required it is more likely to be a litter bin which appropriately wrapped dog faeces can be placed in. The provision and location of such bins is with our colleagues in the Dorset Waste Partnership. They can be contacted on 01305 221040. By law all dogs must wear a collar and tag with the owners contact details, when in a public place. It is recommended that a microchip is also used to help identification as collars are occasionally lost. This will enable a dog to be returned to the owner promptly, as long as the details on the microchip are kept up to date. The Dog Warden can chip a dog, at the home address for a small fee (from £15.00). Please contact Stephanie Fooks on 01305 252281 or email for further information. I hope you have found this information useful. All fees and charges for the services we offer can be found online at There are also forms available for reporting of certain issues such as fouling. If you have any general queries that you would like to discuss about these services please contact me on 01305 252472 or email Jane Williams Team Leader – Public Health
Litton Cheney’s REFUSE collection day is THURSDAY. Food waste is collected weekly. Recycling and Rubbish are collected on alternate weeks. There is also a paid for service for collecting garden waste which is collected on alternate FRIDAYS.
Superfast broadband is available in Litton Cheney. Find out more HERE
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A new service to help those caring for people across Dorset launched on Thursday 21 November, Carers Rights Day. Carer Support Dorset has been established to give information, advice and support to all age, unpaid carers across the county where the person cared for is over 18. In response to feedback from carers over the last few years, Carer Support Dorset will be a central point of contact, whether by phone or through the website. Carer Support Dorset will be able to signpost or refer onto a wide range of existing support available for carers. This could include issuing a carers discount card, local carers’ cafes, funding streams and referring to funded services from the local authority through a carers assessment. Based out of Ferndown, Carer Support Dorset covers the whole of Dorset and offer a Freephone number (0800 368 8349) with a friendly team at the end of the line ready to support you, as well as extensive information on the website Judy Walker, Chief Executive, Carer Support Dorset adds: “Carers play an extremely important role and often don’t receive the recognition or support that they deserve. We are delighted to be launching Carer Support Dorset and are looking forward to working with carers, charities and other organisations which promote better support for carers. We’d urge carers to get in touch with our service from 21 November onwards.” If you think that you are a carer, contact Carer Support Dorset from 21 November on 0800 368 8349 or visit to find out more. Interviews Interviews are available upon request. Please contact to arrange. About Carer Support Dorset Support Dorset’s aim is to create carer friendly communities where carers are recognised, valued and supported. Carer Support Dorset is commissioned by Dorset Council and Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group. About Carers Rights Day Carers Rights Day takes place on 21 November with the aim of ensuring carers are aware of their rights, letting carers know where to get help and support and to raise awareness of the needs of carers. On Carers Rights Day hundreds of organisations across the UK hold an event or activity for Carers Rights Day to help people in their community find out about their rights as a carer, and where to go for support. Emma Kirkup Communications Carer Support Dorset 01380 908058 Ext 378
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