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The deadline for copy for any month’s issue is mid-day of the second Thursday of the preceding month. All material for publication must be sent to the Village Correspondent. For Litton Cheney this is:John Firrell, Tel: 01308 482313 email:
Want to contribute to the well-being of Litton? Why not join the Premier Crew, a group of well-intentioned citizens of our village who clean and tidy up areas when they need a little bit of care and attention. Your ability to help will undoubtedly depend on your availability and you are not expected to turn up everytime there is a call to arms. Gender equality is alive and well, as is the bonhomie or bonfemme on offer whenever we meet. With enough volunteers we could even become the Grand Crew! If you would like to join us, please contact John Firrell on 01308 482313.
Premier Crew – Come & Join Us
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Several complaints have been received from farmers regarding dog poo in fields containing livestock. Responsible dog owners need read no further because they know what now follows. Failing to pick up after your dog could result in livestock having to be put down if it picks up an infection. Dogs are carnivores - cattle and sheep are vegetarians - please pick up!
Exercising Dogs in Fields
‘Call for Ideas’ to help tackle Climate Emergency
Dorset Council are looking for members of the public to submit ideas on how the Council might be able to help tackle climate and ecology concerns. Since declaring a Climate and Ecological Emergency, Councillors and officers have been working hard behind the scenes to develop ideas for a climate change strategy and action plan. They are now calling on all Dorset residents to submit their ideas for how they think Dorset Council can reduce carbon emissions and protect the county’s plants and wildlife. This Call for Ideas is open to everybody, and each submission will be reviewed by the Council’s Task and Finish groups. The areas that are being looked at are split into five themes: – Buildings Natural Environment Waste and Energy Transport Leadership and Influence Dorset residents are being asked to submit their ideas under one or more of these categories via an online form. There are also questions around barriers to action, benefits, priorities and funding that participants are being asked to answer. Some people will be invited to present their ideas to the Climate Change and Ecological Emergency Executive Advisory Panel in the new year as part of the Council’s forthcoming Climate and Ecological Inquiry Day, which will take place in February and be open to the public. Every proposed policy and practical action submitted will be passed to the appropriate Task and Finish Group for investigation, each of which is made up of Dorset Council members and officers.
Litton and Thorners Community Hall
Litton and Thorner’s Community Hall has just installed LED lighting, the intent being to improve the light levels (amazing) and save energy (they do). The lights were installed by local electrician Eonne Sinclair and his colleague, Mike. They did a super job and we are very appreciative of Eonne’s goodwill gesture in “donating” his fee, calling it a community contribution. Grateful thanks to our local “Greeny”. If your organisation or community group are looking for fund-raising opportunities, why not hold your own event. You get to use LATCH rent-free on a Saturday morning, and you decide how best to maximise your fund-raising efforts to make the best of the opportunity. If you think this might be just what you are looking for, why not contact Wendy Firrell on 01308 482532 and check out some dates?
Burton Bradstock Post Office
Burton Bradstock Post Office is in a “Use it or Lose it” situation. All too often when these facilities disappear they are gone forever, and the journey into the nearest town gets ever longer. Your support is requested and required - please.
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